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Pune Municipal Corporatio


The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) stands as a beacon of development and management in the vibrant city of Pune. Since its inception in 1950, PMC has been at the forefront of transforming Pune into a dynamic and flourishing urban landscape. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Pune Municipal Corporation has consistently leveraged cutting-edge technology and e-governance to enhance the quality of life for its residents. By integrating IT solutions into its operations, PMC has streamlined government resources, ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

Under the stewardship of Pune Municipal Corporation, the city has witnessed substantial improvements in infrastructure and public services. This has been achieved through a meticulous focus on both completed and ongoing projects, as well as the anticipation of future initiatives. Pune Municipal Corporation operates through a variety of departments, each dedicated to a specific aspect of city management and development. 

These departments work in harmony to address the needs of the city and its inhabitants, embodying PMC’s dedication to fostering a well-organized, accessible, and progressive urban environment. As we delve deeper into the role and achievements of Pune Municipal Corporation, it becomes evident that its efforts are integral to Pune’s status as a thriving metropolis known for its livability, sustainability, and vibrant community life.

Pune Municipal Corporation Revenue Sources

Pune Municipal Corporation sources of funding from the central and state governments are –

  • Property Tax
  • Profession Tax
  • Entertainment Tax
  • Grants from central and state government like Goods & Service Tax
  • Advertisment Tax
  • Water bill charges
  • Fees from documentation services
  • Rent received from municipal property
  • Funds from municipal bonds

Pune Municipal Corporation: Services 

  • Property Tax Payment
  • Property Tax NOC
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Cremation Pass Application 
  • Death Certificate 
  • Fire NOC
  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Occupancy Certificate 
  • Participatory Budget
  • Plinth Checking 

Various departments of Pune Municipal Corporation –

  • General Administration: Oversees the overall administrative functions and day-to-day operations of the PMC.
  • Municipal Secretary: Manages the legislative process, including council meetings and records.
  • Chief Accounts And Finance Office: Responsible for financial management, budgeting, and accounting.
  • Chief Engineer (Project): Leads infrastructure projects, including planning and execution.
  • Building Development: Focuses on the development and regulation of building activities.
  • Road Department: Manages the construction, maintenance, and repair of roads.
  • Drainage Department: Ensures proper drainage systems to prevent flooding and manage wastewater.
  • Water Supply And Pumping Department: Oversees water distribution and pumping operations for the city.
  • Electrical Department: Manages the city’s electrical infrastructure, including street lighting.
  • Skysign Department: Regulates outdoor advertising and signage to maintain aesthetic standards.
  • Central Store Department: Manages the procurement and distribution of supplies for various departments.
  • Bhavan Rachna Department (Urban Planning and Development): Focuses on urban planning and building regulations.
  • Estate And Management Department: Manages municipal properties and real estate.
  • Cultural Centers: Promotes cultural activities and manages cultural centers.
  • Sports Department: Encourages sports activities and manages sports facilities.
  • Heritage Cell: Preserves and promotes the city’s heritage and historic sites.
  • Information And Public Relation Office: Handles public communications, information dissemination, and relations.
  • Disaster Management Cell: Prepares for and responds to emergencies and disasters.
  • Tree Authority Department: Oversees the planting, protection, and maintenance of trees.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park: Manages the zoo and works towards the conservation of wildlife.
  • City Census Department: Conducts and manages data for the city’s census.
  • Deputy Commissioner Slum Eradication And Rehabilitation: Works on slum eradication and rehabilitation projects.
  • Primary Education Department: Manages primary education and schools under PMC jurisdiction.
  • Secondary And Technical Education: Oversees secondary and technical education initiatives.
  • Labour Welfare Department: Promotes welfare activities for laborers.
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana: Implements the housing scheme for urban poor.
  • Environment Department: Focuses on environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Solid Waste Management: Manages the collection, processing, and disposal of solid waste.
  • Pune Comprehensive Bicycle Plan: Promotes cycling infrastructure and bicycle use in the city.
  • Election Department: Conducts and oversees municipal elections.
  • Encroachment Department: Deals with unauthorized constructions and encroachments.
  • Local Body Tax: Manages the collection of local taxes.
  • Motor Vehicles Department: Regulates vehicle-related issues within the city.
  • Health Department: Oversees public health services and initiatives.
  • Fire Brigade: Provides fire safety and emergency response services.

Bhavan Rachan Development – Future & Ongoing Projects : Ongoing Projects –

The Bhavan Rachna Department of Pune Municipal Corporation is currently engaged in several vital infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing educational, sports, cultural, and healthcare facilities across the city. These ongoing projects include the development of educational and sports complexes in Hadapsar and Kharadi, such as 

  • Kai. Rajaram Bhiku Pathare Vidyalay and Sports Complex, Kharadi
  • School Building, Sports Complex, and Hostel, Kharadi
  • Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe Sanskrutik Bhavan/Auditorium, Yerwada
  • Rajrshi Shau Sankul, Hadapsar
  • Yashawantrao Chavan Natyagruh Extension Work, Kothrud
  • Sharadchandrji Pawar Academy of E-Learning School, Vadgaon BK
  • Swa. V. D. Sawarkar Bhavan Extension Works, Shivajinagar
  • Renovation of Fish Market, Ganesh Peth
  • Hindusamrat Shivsenapramukh Balasaheb Thakre Davakhana, Parvati, Mitramandal Chowk
  • Extension of PMC Main Building

Future Projects

Looking ahead, Pune Municipal Corporation has outlined a forward-thinking blueprint for future projects that aim to further develop the city’s infrastructure, education, and cultural spaces. The proposed projects include the construction of a new extension building for the Pune Municipal Corporation, which will provide much-needed space for municipal services. 

  • Ghole Road Ward Office Building
  • Fish Market at S.No. 181, Ganesh Peth
  • Rajashree Shahu Smarak, Hadapsar, S.No.165A
  • R.K. Laxman Memorial, Balewadi
  • PMC School, Kondwa & Wanowrie
  • Ambedkar School, Sahakar Nagar

Building Permission Department

The Building Permission Department within the Pune Municipal Corporation serves as the custodian of construction activities across Pune. This pivotal department guarantees that every structure, whether historical or newly erected, adheres to the stringent rules and standards established by the Pune Municipal Corporation. It meticulously reviews all applications for construction permits, ensuring that the architectural integrity and safety standards of the city are upheld.


  • Conducting thorough inspections of building sites to ascertain adherence to the approved plans as mandated by the Pune Municipal Corporation.
  • Enforcing robust regulations under the auspices of the Pune Municipal Corporation to certify that all constructions are secure and durable, thereby safeguarding the city’s architectural heritage and the well-being of its residents.

Building Plan Approval Process:

Prior to the commencement of any construction project, obtaining permission is a critical step. This is known as the building plan approval process. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has streamlined this process to ensure it is both rapid and efficient. Here’s a brief overview of what this entails:

  • Approval of Building Proposals: The Pune Municipal Corporation meticulously evaluates and approves building proposals, ensuring they meet all regulatory and safety standards.
  • Approval of Layout Proposals: Layout proposals undergo a thorough review process by the Pune Municipal Corporation, ensuring the optimal use of space and adherence to urban planning principles.
  • Processing and Disposal of Plans: The Pune Municipal Corporation efficiently processes and disposes of plans, facilitating a swift transition from planning to execution stages for builders and developers.

Documents Needed for Building Proposals:

When submitting a building proposal to the Pune Municipal Corporation, applicants are required to prepare a comprehensive set of documents to ensure a smooth and efficient review process. These documents include:

  • Application form: To be filled with accurate details for the Pune Municipal Corporation’s records.
  • Copy of registration of Licensed Engineer/Architect: Verifying the credentials of the professional overseeing the project, as recognized by the Pune Municipal Corporation.
  • Proof of ownership document: Establishing the applicant’s legal ownership of the property in question, crucial for the Pune Municipal Corporation’s verification.
  • Proposed building plan drawing: Detailed architectural plans adhering to the Pune Municipal Corporation’s guidelines.
  • Demarcation copy: A document indicating the property boundaries, essential for the Pune Municipal Corporation’s assessment.
  • Copy of sanctioned layout: Previously approved plans by the Pune Municipal Corporation, if applicable.
  • NOCs from various departments: No-objection certificates from relevant departments, as required by the Pune Municipal Corporation for compliance with local regulations.


The Pune Municipal Corporation has established a streamlined procedure for the submission and approval of building proposals, which includes:

  • Online submission of PreDCR by a Licensed Architect/Engineer: The initial step involves the digital submission of preliminary drawings for review by the Pune Municipal Corporation, using the PreDCR system.
  • Submission of the file to the Building Development department: The complete application file must be submitted to the Pune Municipal Corporation’s Building Development department for further processing.
  • Scrutiny of the proposal by a Building Inspector: A Pune Municipal Corporation Building Inspector will thoroughly review the proposal to ensure compliance with all relevant codes and regulations.
  • Site visit by a Building Inspector: The Pune Municipal Corporation will conduct an on-site inspection to verify the details provided in the proposal and assess the feasibility of the project.
  • Sanctioning by Deputy Engineer/Executive Engineer: Upon satisfactory review, the proposal will be sanctioned by the Pune Municipal Corporation’s Deputy Engineer or Executive Engineer.
  • For special proposals, approval by the Municipal Commissioner: Proposals of a significant nature require the direct approval of the Pune Municipal Corporation’s Municipal Commissioner.
  • Payment of development charges/premium charges: The applicant must fulfill all financial obligations to the Pune Municipal Corporation, including the payment of development and premium charges.
  • Issuance of commencement certificate after payment: Following the payment, the Pune Municipal Corporation will issue a commencement certificate, officially allowing the project to begin.

Building Completion Certificate

A Building Completion Certificate is a crucial legal document issued by the Pune Municipal Corporation’s Building Development Department. This document certifies that a newly constructed building complies with all the required safety and construction regulations. The Pune Municipal Corporation undertakes a thorough inspection of the property, comparing it against the approved plans, before granting this certificate. It serves as proof that the building has met all standards set by the Pune Municipal Corporation, ensuring the safety and compliance of the construction.

Documents Required:

  • Filled Application Form: A complete application form is required for the process, submitted to the Pune Municipal Corporation.
  • Building Completion Certificate from a Licensed Architect/Engineer: An essential document confirming the construction’s compliance with the plans, certified by a licensed professional.
  • Structural Engineer’s Letter: A letter from a structural engineer, certifying the building’s structural integrity, is necessary for the Pune Municipal Corporation’s approval.
  • NOC from the Property Tax Department: The Pune Municipal Corporation requires a clearance from the Property Tax Department, ensuring all dues are cleared.
  • Completion Affidavit: An affidavit stating the completion of the building as per the regulations set by the Pune Municipal Corporation.
  • NOC from the Garden Department: A clearance from the Garden Department, if applicable, is required for buildings within Pune Municipal Corporation’s jurisdiction.
  • NOC from the Fire Department: For buildings requiring adherence to fire safety norms, the Pune Municipal Corporation mandates a No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department.
  • NOC for Elevator Operation: If the building includes elevators, a specific NOC is required for their operation, as per Pune Municipal Corporation’s guidelines.
  • NOC from the Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board: Certain projects may need an environmental clearance from the state pollution control board, as per the Pune Municipal Corporation’s requirements.
  • Part Completion Affidavit: In cases of partial completion, the Pune Municipal Corporation allows for a part completion affidavit to be submitted.
  • Solar System Installation Documents: For buildings incorporating solar systems, relevant documents must be presented to the Pune Municipal Corporation.
  • Sewage Treatment (STP) NOC: An NOC for sewage treatment facilities is required for certain buildings, as per Pune Municipal Corporation’s environmental standards.
  • Vermi Composting NOC: If vermi composting is part of the waste management system, an NOC is necessary for Pune Municipal Corporation’s approval.

Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax

Property tax serves as a vital revenue stream for the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), underpinning the city’s capacity to offer indispensable services to its inhabitants. The funds accrued from property tax are instrumental for the Pune Municipal Corporation in maintaining and enhancing the city’s infrastructure, including roads, hospitals, parks, and public transportation systems.

How Pune Municipal Corporation Manages Property Tax

The Property Tax Department within the Pune Municipal Corporation is entrusted with the comprehensive management of property taxes across Pune. Overseeing more than 8.5 lakh properties, the Pune Municipal Corporation’s Property Tax Department is responsible for the valuation of properties, tax collection, and bill management. Leveraging advanced technologies, Pune Municipal Corporation ensures the property valuation process is efficient and streamlined, facilitating prompt and accurate tax assessment and collection.

Final Words 

Under the stewardship of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the city of Pune is a testament to a dynamic fusion of rich cultural heritage and an innovative, technology-driven future. The e-Government initiative by Pune Municipal Corporation is a hallmark of advancement, merging digital technologies with the needs of its citizens. Each department within Pune Municipal Corporation plays a crucial role in achieving PMC’s vision. Pune Municipal Corporation is committed to transforming Pune into a city that is modern, clean, and welcoming, reflecting its aspirations through every project and service it offers.

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